Enquiry Letter (and fees)

Dear Enquirer,

Thank you for your interest in our courses.   We hope to be starting another Montessori Early Childhood Diploma Course (Level 4) starting on 3rd October, 2020 .  This course will be part-time and will cover the age range 0 – 7 years.    Sessions will be fortnightly on Saturdays, and some may be conducted online if there are problems with Covid.   Due to the Covid outbreak we are keeping numbers to a minimum so there is plenty of room at any lectures that take place for a degree of social distancing.   The course will take 2 years to complete.   400 hours of teaching will not start until the third term, as many nurseries are feeling under pressure at the moment having been closed during the past term.

This two year part-time course is ideal for staff members who already work in a Montessori or another variety of nursery school, or have children of their own whose learning they want to support.    It will help those who enrol to obtain knowledge and practical experience of the complete range of Montessori material including babies and toddlers, not merely the materials used for children of 2½ – 6 years.  Both qualifications will include the  Teaching Practice mentioned above to obtain the full qualification.  

All adult learners, no matter which course they are following will gain the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education qualification for the age group 3 – 6 years.   See www.macte.org   for information on the organisation. This qualification is generally required if you wish to teach in certain countries abroad e.g. Canada, USA.  The charge for this qualification is included in the fees for all qualifications taken at our Centre.

Adult learners who already hold a first degree, are eligible for the Postgraduate Montessori Diploma in addition to the basic Montessori Diploma.   

For both the Early Childhood and Postgraduate Montessori Course the fees are being offered at a special price and both will be charged at the same rate. The fees for the whole Postgraduate Course including MACTE accreditation are now as follows:

Registration Fee  £175.00 payable on acceptance of a place, plus 

Single Instalment of £3,820 payable on the 1st  day of term 1 

or Termly payments of £1,080   x 4 payable on the 1st day of the first 4 terms

or Monthly payments of £255 x 18 payable on the 1st day of term one and then at monthly intervals for 18 months.

The fees above include course modules and Teaching Practice Module, books of readings, exam entry fees and supervision of Teaching Practice. Fee.  The only additional costs are for text books etc,card, pens etc for Montessori Material Making,  First Aid Course (12 hours) and Child Protection (Safeguarding Course).    The Child Protection  and First Aid Course certificates must be available at the end of the course when your final work is handed in.  When you begin Teaching Practice you may need to pay a fee to obtain a valid DBS (Police) Clearance.

If you would like to go ahead, please download and fill in the forms on this website and email  or post them to me.  When received you will be invited to come to an informal interview.


Marianne Clarkson 

 M.A., B,Ed.(Hons), Adv. Mont. Dip., F.R.S.A.


Registration Fee  plus          Monthly payment              Termly payment x 4                Single Instalment
                                                payable on the 1st             payable on the 1st                      payable on the 1st
                                                day of term & at                day of the 1st 4 terms                    day of term 1
                                                monthly intervals

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