Services Provided

Adult learners who enrol on a course will receive access to the following services:

  • 200 hours of tuition on the syllabus
  • copies of full colour practical manuals
  • academic counselling (from the Principal, who was formerly a student counselor with the Open University)
  • external marking of written assignments
  • full verification of all results
  • an accredited certificate on satisfactory completion of the course
  • a placement in a Montessori nursery
  • access to online clips of practical presentations
  • tutorials onsite
  • advice via phone or email
  • booklets of research readings as background to the course
  • support with academic writing

KSMC does not provide the following:

  • healthcare or advice (NHS Direct is available online, and overseas students are strongly recommended to register with a local general practitioner – a suggested contact will be provided on request by the tutor.)
  • basic training in English language or writing skills (but contact with a local further education college will be arranged for an access course)
  • non-academic counselling (where this is felt to be necessary, KSMC staff will provide a suggested contact and a letter of introduction.)

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