MA Education (Montessori)

The M.A. Education (Montessori) is currently being developed in co-operation with a British University. Provisional details are as follows:

Venue and Dates
The course will be held in the University’s study centre, located in a stately home which is convenient for Gatwick airport as well as having bus and rail links. Attendance will be for a long weekend (Friday afternoon to Sunday midday, with full board and lodging provided) once a term.
The following weekends have been designated: September 14-16 2012; February 22-24 2013; May 24-26 2013; September 13-15 2013; February 21-23 2014; May 23-25 2014.

The course will consist of 7 modules. The first six are studied, one a term, for two years. The third year is an extended research study.
The provisional titles of the modules are:

  1. “Getting to Grips with Montessori Research” which introduces the corpus of Montessori research, and also begins to develop skills of critical reading and self-critical writing.
  2. “Freedom: the Pedagogy of Liberation” looks at the concept of freedom, which Montessori saw as a paramount value, and studies it in the context of other writers, e.g. Paulo Friere
  3. “Universality and Inclusive Praxis” - It is often assumed that the Montessori Method has universal applicability. This module considers the situation across ability levels and across societies.
  4. “Imagination and ‘Naturalness’: Critical Issues in Montessori” looks at current issues in Montessori, summed up under the headings of naturalness and imagination. These issues include the place of ICT, role play, fantasy, creativity, free flow & using outdoor spaces.
  5. “Personalized Learning for Gifted and Talented Pupils”
  6. “Leading and Managing Change for Improvement” which is a module specifically preparing for the research project next year.
  7. “Action Research” which is a practitioner research project undertaken in the student’s own workplace.

(a) A batchelor’s degree from a UK University (or its equivalent, certified by NARIC)
(b) A recognised Montessori credential (this requirement may be waived in certain circumstances as the MA is not a licence to practice)
(c) Demonstrable facility with written English in an academic style

It is anticipated these will be in the region of £2,200 p.a.

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