Foundation Degree Early Years (Montessori)

The picture shows graduation day 2010. The Foundation Degree in Early Years (Montessori) syllabus and administration are currently being re-assessed. Provisional details are as follows:

The syllabus is divided into several sections. One relates to Child Development, with special reference to the EYFS. There is a particular reference to three of the areas of learning, i.e. Language, Mathematicas and Science. The assessment consists, for each area, of observations of a child’s current stage of development, careful planning of the ‘next steps’ and its implementation, further observation and an evaluation. Another section involves undertaking a small-scale action research project in the workplace. There are two modules, one covering project planning, time management & skills development; the other covering implementation and evaluation. Further sections relate to professional practice.

Applicants who have completed an approved Montessori diploma will enter the second year of the degree directly. Without this credential it will be necessary to undertake the Montessori Early Childhood Teaching Diploma first.

Fees are anticipated to be in the region of  £6,200 from September 2012 and it should be possible (as the degree is a University course) to obtain a student loan – repayments for which only start when (or if) your salary reaches £21,000 p.a. (and even then monthly payments would start at around only £30)

The next course will in September 2013. Lectures will take place on Tuesdays, all day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., in term times only.

The results for the Foundation degree have been exceptional with 100% pass rates in most years

The train from London Bridge/E. Croydon is met at Cowden station at 9:53 and there will be a lift back for the 3 p.m. train. There are no buses locally, but there is ample off-road parking for cars.

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