Complaints and Compliments

We’d like lots of compliments and not too many complaints!  If you do have a compliment it would be nice to put it in writing so we can  use it (anonymously) on our testimonials page.  If you do have a complaint, then please follow the procedure as follows…


This set of guidelines should be followed in any situation where the rights of an adult learner have not been observed. It may prove useful in other situations.
1. Speak directly to the person against whom you have a grievance, or who is responsible for the matter that has caused concern. Do not discuss the matter with third parties.

2. If that does not resolve the matter then put the matter in writing to the person concerned. Write plainly, and as briefly as you can without missing anything out.

3. If that does not produce a satisfactory resolution within a reasonable time then arrange to speak to the Principal, who will deal with the matter personally (provided it relates specifically to a n adult learner’s rights, and the above procedure has been followed) and an arrangement will be made for a formal meeting between the complainant (who may wish to bring a representative), the person complained against (and/or representative) and herself. You will be given a written report of this meeting.

4. If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome of the meeting then you may ask the Principal for the dispute to be referred to an independent arbitrator (normally the external moderator or their appointee). The party who judgement is awarded against, will be required to bear the fees and expenses of the arbitrator. You will be given a written report on the arbitrator’s findings.

5. In any case where matters are still unresolved, and the matter relates to KSMC’s alleged failure to follow MACTE’s criteria, you may refer the dispute to: Dr. Rebecca Pelton, Executive Director, MACTE, 108 Second Street S.W. Suite 7, Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA. Phone: (434) 202-7793 Fax: (888) 525-8838 Email:

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